Lian Wilson

Bespoke Jewelry. Handmade.
Every Piece a Treasure.

A collection of jewelry pieces designed and fabricated by Lian Wilson, using mainly sterling silver and sometimes mixed metals (gold and silver).

Ring stacking minimalist natural rare Sakura stones in resin sterling silver handmade
Trio rings featuring natural and rare Cherry Blossom stones.

The Artisan’s Scribbles

Ichi, Ni, San.

One, Two, Three…

San – 3 rings in a set. You can wear them in any way you like. Wear a single band or two. Wear all of them. Stack them. Don’t stack them. Your choice!

Ni – 2 stones in the Sakura Ni set.

Ichi – 1 stone in the Sakura Ichi set.

These stones look like the cherry blossom flowers. They are natural, formation and all, and they are rare. It isn’t every time that one gets hold of fully formed specimens that are undamaged. These specimens that I have chosen have complete formations of the petal. One of them is large enough to have a centre. How were they formed?

Please visit their listings and read the description. They are truly special!

Lian Wilson



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