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A collection of jewelry pieces designed and fabricated by Lian Wilson, using mainly sterling silver and sometimes mixed metals (gold and silver).

Small Wonder items with Shazar stones Dendritic Agates
See the beauty of natural Dendrites

The Artisan’s Scribbles

Loving the formation of Dendrites

Have you ever see fractal art done by artists? They drop colored alcohol over liquid acrylic base paint over and over again, creating unique fractal paintings. If you haven’t, try searching for them on the internet or YouTube. They are really beautiful.

In nature, a crystal Dendrite is formed when water rich in manganese and iron flows along small cracks between layers of other crystals or stones. It forms with a typical multi-branching form that ends up looking like a plant or tree. In fact, the name ‘Dendrite’ originates from the Greek word ‘dendron’, which means ‘tree’. Cool?

Dendrites form in many stones – limestone, agate, quartz, jasper, opal, aquamarine. These are just the ones that I can think of now. Its presence gives the stone a lot of character and are never boring.

Take a look at the photo that I have shared here. These are my Small Wonder items that all feature Dendrite inclusions in Agate. Aren’t they mesmerizing?

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Small Wonders

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