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  • Ring sterling silver nature inspired twig branch Japanese red coral handmade



    Name : AKA Type : Ring This is a sweet nature-inspired ring featuring a beautiful piece of Japanese red coral that is very very shiny. “Aka” means ‘red’ in Japanese. This is a genuine Japanese red coral in its natural color. The coral is not dyed. It is simply polished until it has a high…

  • Ring Sterling Silver Oak Leaf Welo Opal Dancing Fire Handmade Unique



    Name : ASPEN Type : Ring This nature-inspired ring features a lovely Welo Opal from Ethiopia. It has a tan color with gorgeous dancing fires of the rainbow. This is actually a honeycomb Opal. It shows a natural honeycomb pattern, with individual cells displaying flashes of the colors of the rainbow. You can see the…

  • Azure Ring sterling silver fashionable natural Lapis Lazuli gold Pyrite specks

    Azure Band


    Name : AZURE BAND Type : Fashionable Ring Here is a sweet fashionable ring under the Small Wonders collection. It features a flat polished Lapis Lazuli coin that has a rich blue colour which slightly fades in one corner because of some Calcite inclusion. I think the slight contrast in the blue colour gives the stone some character. The Pyrite (Fool’s…

  • Blossoms Ring fashionable natural Dendritic Agate mixed metals 14K gold sterling silver handmade



    Name : BLOSSOMS Type : Minimalist Ring This mixed-metal ring features a natural Dendritic Agate, which is also called the Shazar stone. The Agate background is whitishly transparent with a few bands on the top right corner. It is a perfect medium to showcase the gorgeous black Dendrite inclusions. You can see the Dendrites spread out clearly and they look like…

  • Bubblegum Ring sterling silver fashionable pink Chalcedony lustrous color handmade



    Name : BUBBLEGUM Type : Fashionable Ring Here is a luscious looking ring featuring a pink Chalcedony. It is clean, with no visible fissures. The Chalcedony is set horizontally in sterling silver (aka 925 silver). The design is kept simple to show the beauty of the crystal, with an opening in the bezel setting to allow light to penetrate through the…

  • Canova Ring artisan natural Lavender Turquoise sterling silver handmade



    Name : CANOVA Type : Fashionable Ring This Small Wonder ring features a relatively new type of turquoise called the Lavender Turquoise. As the name suggests, this type of Turquoise has a soft lavender blue colour as compared with the greenish blue colour that we normally associate turquoise with. The colours of this Turquoise are similar to the…

  • Ring Oxidized Sterling SIlver Minimalist Natural Mineral Cavansite Unique Handmade

    Cavansite Ring


    Name : CAVANSITE RING Type : Ring This minimalist-styled ring features a natural mineral called Cavansite. Cavansite is a calcium vanadium silicate. It comes from the Deccan Traps of Maharashtra, India. This crystal is naturally shaped like a starburst sphere. It looks like a blue sea urchin without its long spikes. Its color is deep…

  • Ring sterling silver natural art Dendritic Agate scenic landscape handmade



    Name : GARDEN Type : Fashionable Ring Here is a scenic fashionable ring under the Small Wonders collection. It features a polished Dendritic Agate. It is also called Shazar stone by some. The Dendrite inclusions are natural and they show off a beautiful garden landscape. Dendritic Agates are definitely one of my favourite stones because I often see…

  • Ring minimalist sterling silver natural Dendritic Agate scenic garden natural art handmade

    Garden Edge


    Name : GARDEN EDGE Type : Minimalist Ring This petite square ring features a natural Dendritic Agate, with light brown Dendrites concentrating at the bottom side of the stone. There are tiny ‘bushes’ of Dendrites from left to right of the stone, with one large one at about the centre of it. The whole set-up looks…

  • Harumi Ring rustic Sakura Ichi rare cherry blossom stone sterling silver gilded keum boo



    Name : HARUMI Type : Fashionable Ring This asymmetrical ring features a stone that is quite rare and can only be found in Honshu, Japan. It is called ‘Sakura Ishi’ or the Cherry Blossom stone.  The cross-section of the Sakura Ishi resembles the Sakura flower. The stone is actually a Mica specimen but it did not form from Mica,…

  • Ring natural freshwater keishi pearl Rhodolite Garnet minimalist design handmade

    Keishi Min


    Name : KEISHI MIN Type : Ring This minimalist ring features a beautiful keishi pearl. It is a freshwater pearl in the shape of an uneven coin. Whilst the perfectly shaped pearl will always command a high price, imperfectly shaped pearls are getting a lot of attention from the public. We know that something that…

  • Ring sterling silver natural Larimar stone handmade

    Larimar Band


    Name : LARIMAR BAND Type : Fashionable Ring I have here to show you a cute ring featuring a blue Pectolite stone called Larimar. It has a wonderful sky blue turtleback formation that is all natural. Larimar can only be found in one location and that is the mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the province of Barahona…

  • Momo Aiko Ring artisan Japanese Momo coral mixed metals 14k gold sterling silver

    Momo Aiko


    Name : MOMO AIKO Type : Fashionable Ring This sweet 2-tone ring features a natural momo coral piece from Japan. You are looking at a piece of coral that has been cut and polished to a high lustre. It has not be dyed, treated or heated. It has a flawless surface with a little white dot at…

  • Orchid Blossoms Ring sterling silver natural Landscape Agate inclusions resemble orchid blossoms

    Orchid Blossoms


    Name : ORCHID BLOSSOMS Type : Minimalist Ring This Sterling Silver ring features a natural Landscape Agate. The Agate background is transparent with a greyish purple tint. It is a perfect medium to showcase the rich white Plume inclusions with a green and yellow centre. The entire inclusions look like a 3D art of gorgeous white orchid blooms. This…

  • Pepper Ring sterling silver red Rosarita fashionable handmade



    Name : PEPPER Type : Fashionable Ring This sweet ring features a red pepper transparent Rosarita. Rosarita is not a stone. It is a very unique material. It is actually gold-infused glass, a by-product of the gold refining processes of the 1960s and the 1970s. With the changes made to the gold refining process, this interesting by-product stopped being…

  • Plum Ring sterling silver fashionable pink Sapphire rose cut deep color sparkly handmade



    Name : PLUM Type : Fashionable Ring This gorgeous red ring features a rose cut pink Sapphire in deep plum colour. The pink sapphire and the ruby is one and the same type of stone, which is red corundum. They are market names given to the stone, generally based on the intensity of the red colouration of the stone….

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